21 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 21

1. Hit 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube

This is going to be a fun one for me... I love creating and I am going to spend a lot more time dedicating my time to making videos and capturing my life! (P.S. It's not all about numbers, I do it for the fun of it anyways)

2. Travel Outside of the U.S.

Now I have been to Niagara Falls, which is pretty much as Canada as it gets, but I want to travel another country and explore. Any suggestions? Toronto and Vancouver come to mind...

3. Get My Grandfather's Honorary High School Diploma

This one may be one of the hardest on the list... He attended school up until the 8th grade, at which point in time he had to stop attending school and help on the family farm in Tennessee... Maybe I will just head on out to TN and start knocking on doors!

4. Give a Stranger $100

This isn't "Give a Homeless Person $100", but it doesn't necessarily exclude the  homeless from receiving this... The huge thing with this item on the list is that need isn't a factor to me when determining who to give this to... I want to meet people, talk to people, and make my decision from there... If they don't need it, I truly believe they will pass on the good karma.

5. Visit My Brother Edgar in Seattle

I might be cheating a little bit on this one because at the moment I am just trying to narrow down a date for the trip... I haven't seen this dude in almost a year, and as many of you know, he is one of my best friends and got me into making YouTube videos some time ago.

6. Throw the First Pitch at a Baseball Game

This is one of those things that you just have to do if the opportunity falls on your lap... Now I don't expect to throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium, but nonetheless I think it would be a very unique experience... Circa 1997, you would have seen a guy by the name of Ray Crawford holding his son, Chase, in one arm and tossing the first pitch with his free hand at the Kinston Indians game.

7. Go Somewhere Just Because

A very non-descript item on the list, this one was inspired by too many off days and too little activities to do... How about I just fill up the tank and drive a direction and turn around when it starts to get dark.

8. Sell Something to a Pawn Shop

Go in there with an item. Haggle the price. Leave with a phat stack of dough. I have to do this at least once in my life, so why not now?

9. Go Hiking Somewhere

I have a sneaky feeling that this one will tie in with #5, I have heard there are some beautiful trails up in Washington. e x p l o r e.

10. Vlog 50 Times This Summer

I have been vlogging my life the past few days, so far I have completed 3 and I have been inspired by a guy named Casey Neistat to record the moments of my life and find happiness in the everyday happiness of life. I hope I am able to capture 50 moments of my life this summer.

11. Make People Smile

This is my favorite thing to do. Just be nice to people.

12. Travel 5,000 Miles

I have to give these eyes something to see. Traveling to random spots is fun to me, sometimes your everyday life is boring, but another persons everyday life is exciting (for a day anyways).

13. See a Broadway Play

Alright, so my favorite movie of all-time hit Broadway (School of Rock) and an epic Broadway play is touring the country (Book of Mormon)... So I need to catch one of these shows in the flesh and experience the magic that is theatre.

14. Make a New Friend

Now this isn't because lack of friends, I have 5 or 6 close friends I know that I can rely on for anything, but you should never close yourself off to meeting new people and being a friend to someone... In the past couple months alone I have become close with someone who started out as a friend of a friend... Funny how things work.

15. Win a Fantasy Football League (Then Buy a Championship Ring)

I have never dedicated myself to Fantasy Football... I have never really watch football religiously... But you should bet your house that I will have the Fantasy Football draft strategy guide on my counter and I will be in 13 leagues making moves to the top.

16. Catch a Ball at a Baseball Game

I am not sure what is up with me and sports on this list, but apparently I have a lot of sporting events to attend this year! (I won't complain, Ill take a day off when I can get one)

17. Write a Book or Script

I have lots of ideas, a medium amount of creativity, and a small amount of time... But I will try not to use a ghost writer.

18. Hit 150,000 Followers on Twitter/19. Hit 50,000 Followers on Instagram

This is just a place holder, like I said earlier, numbers aren't important to me as long as I am happy with what I am doing.

20. Be More Engaging on Snapchat

Stories are supposed to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. My Snapchat Story's are atrocious, they are random filters and photos of luxury cars... Snapchat is an emerging platform that I want to produce engaging content on.

21. Be Happy

I set goals for my self to build myself as a person and to always have something to reach for... But at the end of the day, I get none of these done but I am still happy, then I will still feel equally as accomplished. Things happen, life happens, adversity happens, but all of those things will mold you into the person you are. 

03/11/16 Cincinnati, OH Chase Crawford